The Fat Tire Electric Bikes - What are they and are they right for me?
Emojo e-bike with fat tires is ideal for those who want more control on slick terrain. The tyres are also puncture-resistant, so there will be no bike repairs in the middle of your ride! For beginners, using a bike with fat tires provides more traction and better balance. As you can see, there are numerous advantages to purchasing an E-Bike with fat tires. Even traditional mountain bikes couldn't compete with fat tire bikes for trail confidence.
Emojo Fat tire e-bikes are currently among the best-selling and most popular mountain bikes and e-bikes. It is ideal for all types of weather conditions due to the developed traction and weight balance
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Yes,  Emojo e-trikes  use hydraulic disc brakes; as temperatures drop, the viscosity of the mineral oil used increases, making the brake levers feel slower and require more applied pressure to stop.

Don't let winter keep you from doing your work and having fun; simply take precautions and enjoy your ride.

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