The range depends on each bike model and several other factors such as the weight of the rider, the type grade of he terrain, wind speed and direction, tire pressure, temperature, cargo, etc. The average range on a fully charged battery is between 30 and 65 Miles. To get the best possible range the rider must pedal along with the P.A.S. Riding on throttle alone will considerably reduce the milage.

All EMOJO models have a limited speed of 20 MPH on pedal assist to comply with Class 2 classification, meaning they can be ridden on most public roads and the rider does not require any special license.

Typical battery full charging time is 5 hrs.

License is not required at this time by law, as long as the ebike is Class1 or Class 2. Insurance is optional but not required by law.

Payload varies depending on the model, consult your model specifications for maximum user weight and extra load.
Typical maximum payload range on EMOJO bikes goes from 250 to 330 Lbs, this includes any additional cargo.

Each vehicle has a limited warranty for 1 year from the time of the purchase.
Consult your warranty terms in your user manual for more details.

Yes, please consult the return policy terms and requirements on this website.

EMOJO bikes require similar maintenance than regular bicycles such as chain tension adjustment, lubrication, screws and nuts re-torque etc. However there are certain components that given the case may require directly to the repair shop.

Once you have placed your order online, you will receive a confirmation email, when the orders ships you will get a second email with your tracking number, if your order status is not confirmed or you wish to know more about it please email us at support@emojobike.com

In most cases, the ebikes come in one large box already preassembled, however you would need to install some components such as front wheel, fenders, handlebar and lights.
Tricycles are usually shipped in 3 boxes and require full assembly.

Yes, please send us an email at support@emojobike.com , we will reply on a timely manner.

It usually takes from 3-5days after placing your order.

We only ship inside the continental USA, shipping to Canada and Mexico would be possible but extra shipping and customs fees would be involved and need to be covered by the purchaser. Please send us an email to info@emojobike.com to enquire about these special cases.

Please review the return policy on this website.

Yes, we can try to accommodate expedite shipments but is not always possible. If you wish to expedite your order please contact us at support@emojobike.com

Absolutely, if you happen to be in town,  just let us know 48 hrs prior your planned visit and we will make sure to have your ebike(s) ready and assembled if you prefer, or you can also pick up your bike(s) in the box. Please note that you must formally cover the cost of the bike or accessory in order to process the assembly and delivery of your order.