E-Trikes Benefits: For Seniors and For Fun Rides

E-Trikes Benefits: For Seniors and For Fun Rides
E-trikes are a fantastic option for seniors looking for a healthy and safe mode of transportation.  Electric trikes have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their versatility and the convenience they offer .In addition, there are numerous advantages that a trike offers over a a standard bicycle or a lowrider bicycle for seniors :

Elderly Trike Riders-

Owning an Emojo e-trike has proven to be extremely beneficial for elderly people who like to  exercise and enjoy being outdoors  . The Bison Pro has a 24in front wheel, a 48V/23.2Ah battery, and a 750W motor. When you need to ride on hills, the Bison Pro is your best friend in terms of power and battery life.
For those who lack confidence  

Trikes are an excellent choice for seniors who lack balance and lower body strength . Those who lack confidence will enjoy a smooth ride because the front suspension smooths your ride by absorbing energy and therefore reducing impact.  In addition, Emojo always puts the safety of its customers first  . Caddy Pro comes standard with the ultimate 4" fat tires that provide more stable and comfortable ride. These wide tires give our Caddy Pro tricycles added stability and easy turning, making it nearly impossible to tip over. There are other reasons why tricycles are suitable for seniors.  
Coordination and muscle strength

Learning to ride a tricycle is not as difficult as learning to ride an upright bicycle or a motorized wheelchair. The rider must understand how to use his or her legs and arms.  The rider can steer with his or her arms, pedal with his or her foot, and support himself or herself with the seat.
Good for the environment

Global warming is a serious environmental problem that affects the entire world and is primarily due to the overuse of fossil fuels for transportation. For this reason, many environmentally conscious people are looking for long-term alternatives to fossil fuels.

This is where electric bicycles come into play. They have proven to be an efficient and environmentally friendly form of transportation. Not only are they inexpensive, but they are also easy to transport.
They are also much less expensive than automobiles. The cost of buying a fossil fuel vehicle is just one of many expenses. When you buy a car, insurance costs, daily fuel costs, and routine maintenance costs quickly add up. By comparison, e-bikes are far affordable and you don’t have to worry about any other running costs
Allow you to be more social

With a tricycle, you are much more social! You can ride your tricycle around the retirement home or on the street.  Riding a tricycle is fun and you get to meet new people. Even if your body is not as fit as it used to be, riding a tricycle has many benefits.  

Cycling strengthens the bones  
Cycling is a great way for seniors to stay active while improving their overall health. Cycling strengthens bones and can help prevent osteoporosis. Cycling also improves cardiovascular health, muscle mass and lowers the risk of diseases like cancer.

Seniors will have many health benefits  

  Seniors who maintain a high level of activity are more mobile and have a higher quality of life. According to research, bicycling is a great way for seniors to maintain their physical fitness. Cycling can improve balance and coordination while keeping the heart healthy.
Seniors who bike have a lower risk of developing arthritis, and it can also help maintain bone density and give them a sense of independence in their daily lives.
It is also believed that cycling can improve cognitive function. Overall, it is a good sport for seniors who are unable to participate in strenuous sports due to injury or other medical conditions. Since it is an aerobic activity, it can promote cardiovascular health.

  Affordable price/ pocket friendly  

  Not only are tricycles environmentally friendly, but they are also less expensive than most other forms of transportation. And from what we have heard, the price and quality are unmatched compared to other brands.

Trike Basket

A rear basket is usually included with e-trikes. Need even more cargo space? These baskets are extremely useful for storing items like groceries. You can also store a sweater or jacket in it. Many seniors use it for shopping and stowing their belongings - the possibilities are endless!

Riding for pleasure
  Rides can be a lot of fun! e-trikes are ideal for recreational activities. You can take your friends or family to the beach, a nice trail, or a park.
Cycling can also help seniors combat anxiety and depression, as studies have shown that exercise can help reduce these ailments  

You can ride with confidence! The stability of three wheels gives riders a sense of security and stability. After a little practice, you'll get the hang of it and be able to approach every ride relaxed and with confidence.  

  Do you already own and enjoy your Emojo Electric Trike? We'd love to hear how it has helped your journey and independence! Please send us your feedback at info@emojobike.com.  

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