For small trips, what if we parked our cars?

For small trips, what if we parked our cars?

In 2021, the United States consumed approximately 134.83 billion gallons (or approximately 3.21 billion barrels)1 of finished motor gasoline, an average of approximately 369 million gallons per day (or about 8.80 million barrels per day).

In October, the United States consumed 8.7 million barrels of gasoline per day. We expect US gasoline consumption to average 8.8 million b/d in 2022, down 40,000 b/d from 2021, and to remain near that level in 2023.

Many of us use our cars for short distances. We drive three blocks to work out at the local gym, get groceries, run quick errands, or eat at a local restaurant. And if you're lucky, your workplace may be close enough to bike to!

Don't get us wrong: some short car trips are necessary, especially for those with limited mobility. However, some short car trips may be easily accomplished by e-trikes. What if we all chose to bike for half of our 3 mile or less car trips?

We understand. E-bikes cannot completely replace automobiles. Not yet, at any rate. However, there are distinct advantages to choosing to ride your electric bike more and drive your car less. Among the most important are lowering your carbon footprint, increasing your fitness level, and saving money.

Here's a deeper dive into some of the money and gas savings that can result from biking instead of driving.If we all chose to power half of our short trips with trikes or bikes, we'd see a significant improvement in health — both for the planet and for our bodies. Here are a few more important points to remember:

Good for your health :

This is an obvious choice. According to one study, eliminating car trips of less than five miles round-trip in local areas would result in nearly $5 billion in health benefits associated with improved air quality. According to the same study, replacing half of these car trips with bike trips could save nearly $4 billion in avoided deaths and health-care costs by increasing physical activity. It will make you happier in addition to being good for your heart. It gives you a mental boost.

It's way more fun :

Cars can be entertaining, but even the most exciting vehicles are unpleasant to drive on public roads. Speed limits, other traffic, safety laws, and stop lights can all suffocate the fun and performance of driving.

Riding an e-trike, on the other hand, is synonymous with liberation. Sure, there's the cliched wind in your hair freedom, but there's also the freedom of ripping downhill at 40mph, accelerating faster and faster, and dipping the bars around that one corner so low you feel the adrenaline rush through the back of your neck. The kind of excitement that, let's be honest, we wouldn't get from boring and stressful car rides.

Explore new areas, new roads, new routes:

Is your commute... boring? With an e-trike, you can turn it into an adventure! The same traffic lights, that one turn that takes forever, and the inevitable slowdown where the roads merge? What about a life-sized choose-your-own-adventure game? This is especially true for city commuters in congested areas.

Ducking through an alleyway, cutting through a park, or sneaking out the back of a dead-end street are just a few of the many detours available on a bike. On a bike, you can even ride through parking lots and find the narrow spot where kids jump across the creek.

Simply put, a bike provides far more opportunities for route-finding than a road-bound vehicle.

Various e-trikes

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