Young families with children should consider Emojo Caddy PRO trikes

Young families with children should consider Emojo Caddy PRO trikes

With a little child at home, new parents understand how tough it can be to incorporate fitness back into their day.

But, how many times have you struggled to balance a bike while buckling a wiggling child into their seat, only to discover you've left your phone on the kitchen counter? You can either leave it there or remove the child off the bike and repeat the process. With three wheels, you don't need circus acrobatic abilities to balance and buckle, and with the youngster securely strapped into the seat and the eTrike wheel lock engaged, you can go back and retrieve the phone and be on your way. You may now go grocery shopping, visit friends for coffee, or even drop your child off at Day Care.

Convert your Emojo Caddy Pro trikes into a convenient and simple people mover. An e trike with a baby seat provides additional stability and mobility that a standard bicycle does not. 

When you have young children, having Emojo Caddy pro has various advantages

  • When your child is secured into an appropriate child bike seat, there is no need to balance the trike.
  • A wider wheel base provides a safer and more stable ride
  • Extra carrying capacity for your children's necessities as well as your shopping.
  • As your child develops, the electric motor allows them to ride uphill. with the extra weight manageable.

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