Get to Know Our Newest Product, the EMOJO Bobcat Pro

Get to Know Our Newest Product, the EMOJO Bobcat Pro


Looking for a bike with a stylish design as well as the most advanced configuration? The totally new Bobcat Pro has killer looks with added convenience, with a low step-thru frame that makes getting on/off easy. The foldable sturdy aluminum frame has a rated payload of 300 lbs. and is paired with a powerful 48 v 500-watt electric motor that provides a unique kick boost at the flick of a thumb to help tackle steep uphill's

Excellent Components

The Bobcat Pro is a true utility vehicle on two wheels, with dual hydraulic disc brakes, 7-speed Shimano® gearing, standard LCD display, standard metal fenders, rear cargo rack, front cargo basket, LED lights, and front suspension. The 15 amp battery provides up to 65 miles of pedal assist range.

Modern Technology

This Emojo Bobcat Pro Electric Bike features a large LCD display with 5 PAS levels, a speedometer, odometer, trip time, and several other settings, as well as cutting-edge technology in the braking system, battery, frame, and suspension.

Ideal for Commuters

With very reasonable dimensions when unfolded, this bike provides comfort and convenience while mounting, dismounting the bike, riding it, thanks to its PAS modes, and folding in your home or office, thanks to its folding system.

Not only is it fashionable, but it is also functional and practical!

Emojo Bobcat Pro is more than just a stylish ebike with a cool configuration; it is also very practical and easy to use. For a better user experience, many intricate considerations are made. Aside from the low step-thru frame that makes getting on and off easy, the frame is foldable so that you can carry it conveniently in your trunk. There's also a front basket for extra storage and a backseat cushion for your children and friends. What a two-wheeled utility vehicle! Furthermore, the 15 amp battery provides an incredible range of up to 65 miles on pedal assist! Bobcat Pro is the ultimate ebike for everyone in the family!












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