LCD Display M900

Regular price$159.00

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Regular price$159.00

Compatible with Bison Pro, Bison S, Bull, Caddy Pro, Caddy models.



Multi Function: The EMOJO display has a variety of functions, which can be used as a trip computer and control the entire electric bicycle system after conversion.

Battery Level Display: Bicycle speedometer is compatible with 48V voltage, intelligent power display, true battery power display, real time recording power consumption, to ensure riding mileage.
Display Many Useful Data: The ebike colorful display on the LCD meter makes it easier for you to view many useful data, such as remaining power, current speed, average speed, maximum speed, clock, total one way distance.
For PAS Installation: If PAS is installed, this display allows the rider to choose the level of assistance they want, which is more convenient for riding.
Wide Range of Application: The bike speedometer is suitable for 22.2mm / 0.9in handlebars, is perfect accessories for electric bicycles, scooters, etc.