Battery EM-01

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Compatible with Caddy Pro, Caddy, Lynx Pro , Ram SS, Ram Sports.





Li-ion battery is 48V 10AH-15AH, suitable for 500W -1000W motor. Maximum constant discharge current: 15/20/30A. Connect the positive (+) port to the red cable and the negative (-) port to the black cable.
Built-in BMS protection board, The BMS monitors the battery by measuring voltage, temperature, current and state of charge, which can prevent battery overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, short circuit protection, and protect the battery and its Get extended.
Battery is equipped with a switch, which can be turned off in time without using the battery to avoid wasting power.A well-designed battery immobilizer that frees you from worrying about battery loss.
LED battery level indicator shows your battery strength at all times, 4 LED power indicators, each representing 25% power. The charging time is about 3-5 hours. Moreover the charging cycle is more than 800 times.