Cycling is an excellent way to maintain both physical and mental health.

Cycling is an excellent way to maintain both physical and mental health.

Research has shown that regular physical activity reduces the risk of developing
serious illnesses, and cycling is a great way to stay active. Additionally, cycling can help improve mental health by reducing stress and anxiety levels.

Cycling is a low impact workout that is suitable for people of all age groups. It is a fun and relaxing exercise for all, with many benefits. Riding a bicycle is a great way to get some exercise while also completing your daily commute or errands. It is estimated that around 1 billion people worldwide use bicycles for these purposes on a daily basis.

Daily Exercise

This aerobic activity is excellent for your heart, lungs, brain, and blood vessels. It is also an excellent method to lower stress levels and keep your mind and body healthy.
Below are some of the physical and mental health advantages that biking has to offer.

Physical Health Benefits


Studies have shown that riding a bike can lessen the likelihood of developing many health concerns.

Heart Diseases:
 Cardiovascular diseases often involve heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure. Cycling regularly strengthens your blood circulation and the health of your lungs and heart, which in turn lowers the chance of developing heart problems.

Weight Control and Obesity:
Cycling has many benefits for heart health, including decreasing fat levels in the blood, strengthening heart muscles, and lowering the resting pulse rate. Studies also show that people who cycle often have 2-3 times less exposure to pollution than car commuters, and they also improve their lung function. Danish research conducted on 30,000 people of ages 20-93 years around 14 years ago found that cycling regularly prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Researchers have found a relationship between cycling and cancer, mainly breast and colon cancer. Studies show that cycling daily reduces the chance of these cancers.

 Arthritis and Bone Injuries:
Cycling has many benefits, including improving balance, coordination, and strength, as well as preventing fractures and falls. It is also a low-impact activity that is perfect for those suffering from osteoarthritis, as it does not put much stress on your joints.
However, this workout is not suitable for those with osteoporosis as it is not a weight-bearing activity.

The number of type 2 diabetic patients are increasing at an alarming rate. This happens to be a severe health issue faced by the public in general. Lack of physical exercise is one of the main reasons why people suffer from this issue.
Finnish researchers conducted a large-scale study and produced exciting results. They found that those who cycled for half an hour daily had a 40% lesser chance of getting diabetes.

Mental Health Benefits
Bike riding is commonly known for creating a sense of happiness, enjoyment, and stress relief: which, in turn, helps in curbing mental issues like anxiety, depression, and stress. Here are some of the benefits linked with this workout.

Decreases The Chance Of Depression:
Bicycle riding is enough to relax your mind because of the pure bliss and enjoyment you experience. Moodiness and depression are reduced in this state of pure joy.

Reduces Stress Levels:
Lets be honest! Life can be pretty demanding and stressful. Riding a bike is a great way to relieve some of that built up tension. Plus, as we mentioned before, cycling has some great benefits for heart health. Reducing stress and anxiety levels can also be achieved by cycling regularly. All of this leads to a better state of mind for the rider.

Gives A Good Sleep:

Cycling regularly can help riders keep their circadian rhythms in sync. Additionally, cycling is known to help reduce levels of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is a stress hormone that can block or hinder regenerative and deep
sleep. Cycling also has positive effects on the brain hormone serotonin, which can improve sleep cycles.

Gives A Good Feeling:
Individuals who prefer cycling over driving cars are saving the environment from pollution. Decreasing the carbon footprint and the level of pollutants offers a feeling of achievement, that you’re helping Mother Nature!
Cyclists often experience a “cycling high” feeling. They say that the happiness
hormones, endorphins that they receive through cycling make them feel elated.

 Improves Productivity:
Recent research has found that employees who ride trikes to come to work are more productive. Moreover, a quick bike ride at noon can enhance your level of energy. Besides, it also helps you to stay productive and alert till evening.

Boosts Memory Power:
Maintaining a sharp and good memory becomes more difficult as you age. When riding a trike, new brain cells grow in the hippocampus, which is the central region of the brain that controls memory.

Promotes Creative Thinking Skills:
For various reasons, cycling is best known as a great sport. It not only benefits you health-wise but also enhances your happiness levels.
If a musician or artist has a creative block, they can go on a
bike ride? You sharpen your creativity and problem-solving skills by going outside.
There is a tendency for avid bike riders to be addicted to biking. Your mental energy can be refocused into positive areas through this positive and healthy addiction.

Share your experiences
Have you ever tried cycling and experienced any of the above benefits? If so, please share your experiences of cycling and how it is good for physical & mental health in the comments section below.

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